Eesti kunstnik – maalid . graafika . performance

Estonian artist’s picket against the war

On March 12, the artist Siim-Tanel Annus conducted an own-initiative picket against the Russian Nazi regime in front of the Embassy of Ukraine, the German Embassy and the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Tallinn.
 Photos attached. The author of the photos is me, Siim-Tanel Annus. They are freely and free for everyone to use and distribute in either the press or social media. If you agree with the message in the photos, you may be able to help the end of the tragedy in Ukraine a little faster. Slogan texts in Estonian: 

  1. I was born an Estonian, but now I am Ukrainian. For the freedom of Ukraine, for the honor of Estonia. 
  2. The Germans! Don’t buy from Putin – his gas smells like death. 
  3. The agreement signed with the Russians is not worth the ink it took. (Otto von Bismarck)