Eesti kunstnik – maalid . graafika . performance

Solo exhibition “Money and Poetry ” in Pärnu Art Hall . 2010

On these paintings the artist depicts the history of Estonia using the extracts from paper money and historic documents. The extracts on the paintings are taken from the paper money that was in circulation during the time of independance and two occupations, both Nazi and Soviet, also from the money that was in circulation in the 80ies in Finland and Germany. There are also the extracts from the current Estonian kroons that will soon be replaced by euro.

Looking back we may ask what has happened to that old money? Unfortunately, it’s the scrap paper with some notaphily value. These values the equivalents they once were are partly or fully gone.

In the other part of the exhibition the artist uses the fragments from the texts of the politicians, their signatures or fragments of them. He chose the politicians who had the most changed the history of Estonia and Europe in the 20th century. In these paintings we can see the original texts of Molotov-Ribbentrop secret Protocol and fragments of the signatures of Stalin, Hitler, Molotov and Ribbentrop.

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